Toe Spacers for Runners: A Post-Run Treatment to Prevent Bunions

June 25, 2021
One size fits all toe separators

Runners of all levels are susceptible to foot injuries. Come to think of it, they’re a group of people who subject their feet to a lot of pressure and stress—no wonder foot injuries are a common occurrence. For each footstrike, the ground sends vibrations that affect muscles from the foot to the hips; this causes short-term injuries.

On the other hand, there’s another, more menacing type of injury that could prevent an athlete from running altogether: the development of bunions. It is acquired because of the runner’s choice of footwear. More often than not, shoes that cause problems have a narrow toe box. Over time, the constant pounding of the foot on the ground coupled with a narrow shoe fit will develop bunions.

Luckily, there’s a way for runners to curb the bunion situation and prevent it from occurring. Toe spacers for runners can be incorporated as part of a post-run treatment, and these help keep bunion woes at bay.

Bunions: A Runner’s Menace

Bunions can prevent a runner from participating in the sport. It progresses slowly and is often dismissed at an early stage. As time goes on and bad running habits remain unchanged, the bunion grows and becomes more noticeable until the runner cannot wear shoes or run anymore. That is why runners must look out for this menace and take care of their foot health. To do this, they must be made aware. Are you a runner yourself? Read on for some quick information about bunions and the best ways to treat them.

What is a Bunion?

A bunion is a developing prominence on the base of the big toe that feels painful and makes your feet look odd. It is a result of putting constant pressure on the feet as well as wearing tight fitting shoes.

Early detection is vital so that treatment can be done to help prevent bunions from progressing. Toe spacers are helpful tools that help runners avoid bunions.

How Do Toe Spacers Help Bunions?

Toe spacers have their long and short-term benefits on the runner’s foot, and both can help prevent bunions with habitual use.

The short-term benefits include foot decompression, foot relaxation, and realignment. These benefits help prevent common running injuries experienced by runners, which may contribute to faster-progressing bunions. The long-term benefits are better foot health, toe form, and overall stability. All these contribute to the prevention of bunions in the future.

Do Toe Spacers Correct Bunions?

Toe spacers can aid the correction of early-stage bunions. Most of all, it can prevent them. Toe spacers should be used along with other corrective tools such as bunion splints. Spacers help maintain the progress gained by a more focused corrective tool by keeping your feet in good health, free of pain and discomfort.

There are many kinds of toe spacers, and the right one used at the right time, with the right frequency, can help correct early to intermediate stage bunions.

Original YogaToes: Post-Run Toe Spacers For Bunions

We recommend the Original YogaToes as your post-run recovery toe spacers that will also help treat mild to intermediate bunions. It is a popular and affordable brand that any runner can ease into after several uses. If you have overlapping toes because of bunions, you will see them aligned after just a few months.

The Original YogaToes are the ones that have a bridge and a thicker toe space gap to give your toes a good stretch after a running session. Because of the bridge, it allows a full stretch of all of your toes, and overtime will bring about a balanced alignment of your toes, making them look good.

This high-quality, medical-grade gel toe spacer doesn’t wear out easily and can be rinsed with water. You can dip it into water quickly before putting it in between your toes or you can use YogaToes’ purifying spray for better lubrication.

What makes the Original YogaToes perform its alignment and recovery function is its shape. The YogaToes spacers are molded to fill the gaps of your toes entirely, unlike with the pedicure toe spacers that it is usually mistaken for. So, it feels like YogaToes are giving your foot a warm and cozy hug.

This is a great toe spacer for runners who need a post-running toe recovery routine. Put it on for 10 to 15 minutes and you’re set. You can choose to increase the duration—the longer you wear YogaToes stretchers, the more it’ll yield a corrective function that will help ease the pressure off your toes and treat bunions.


  • Quality materials are used
  • Medical-grade gel feels comfortable on the toes
  • Easy to put on
  • Gives a refreshing feeling when taken off
  • Specific sizing gives a better fit


  • Can’t adjust the spacing of the toe spacers
  • It’s not as stretchable because of the bridges

Post-run Recovery Routine for Your Bunions

Runners would definitely get the most benefit when they put on a toe spacer during post-run recovery.

For many runners, a common complaint would be the pain and pressure they feel on their feet after a run. Many are excited to take off their running shoes post-run because it feels like taking a huge amount of weight off the foot while also allowing your feet to breathe.

To add more to this refreshing feeling, toe spacers relieve pain and allow for faster foot healing. Putting them on after taking off the shoe relieves the pressure caused by the foot’s impact on the ground. They speed up the healing of injuries as they promote better blood flow. Finally, spacers realign the bones of the toes to their optimum form and counter the effects of tight-fitting shoes which cause the development of bunions.

While we recommend Original YogaToes, you can use whatever type of toe spacers as your post-run recovery treatment. Putting these on feels amazing on your toes, and it’s extremely easy to get into the habit.

Closing Thoughts: Toes Spacers, Do They Work?

Like most treatments, toe spacers have to be a habit for them to work.

YogaToes spacers are an excellent way to take care of your feet. They prevent many types of injuries, relieve pain, and put your foot back into its natural arch and form. Plus, they’re therapeutic to wear!

YogaToe spacers address the overall health and appearance of your foot. If you make it a habit to wear them after a run, or even after taking off your shoes, you’ll see and feel the effects on your feet almost immediately. Wear them constantly, take care of your feet, and avoid the progression of bunions!

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