One Toe at a Time: Using the Americanails Onezees Toenail Separator for Laid-Back Pedicure Sessions
6 min read
January 5, 2022

One Toe at a Time: Using the Americanails Onezees Toenail Separator for Laid-Back Pedicure Sessions

6 min read
January 5, 2022

Thinking of pampering your hardworking little toes? That's a brilliant idea. Your feet are one of the most used body parts in your everyday hustle, so they get easily injured if you don't take care of them well. For this reason, foot treatments are necessary.

If you want to keep your toes clean, healthy, and pretty, then a pedicure is the best treatment for you. You can enjoy a therapeutic experience in one session and show off the stunning results after! 

If you want to save on costs and have enough pedicure knowledge, you may try the DIY treatment. However, there's one minor (but pesky) problem that might hinder your attempt: your toes tend to stick together. As a result, the nail polish scatters on foot areas that you don't intend to apply. 

Luckily, Americanails has come up with a solution for you: toe separators!

The Onezees Toenail Separator is perfect for your pedicure needs and foot care essentials. Keep reading to know our thoughts about this product.

Reviewing the Americanails Onezees Pedicure Toe Separators

Let's dive deeper into the Americanails Onezees and discuss what makes them different from other products, both good and bad. These pointers will help you evaluate your choices and add more to your knowledge on toe devices. 

Feature #1: Which Toes Need Help?

The first unique feature of the Onezees is that they're onezees: they’re made individually instead of a default set of five separators. As a result, you don't have to force all your toes to wear spacers. You only work on those getting in the way of each other. Most users pop one on the index and another at the ring toe; these two would often lean to the toe next to them. 

Sometimes, putting on a full-length separator set can be painful and uncomfortable for your toes. It's especially tough for those with shorter toes. So if you're one of these people, the Onezees separators are your best solution.

Feature #2: A Bright Shade of Color

We can't ignore visuals when it comes to pedicure sessions. Good visuals greatly influence mood, so using toe accessories with color variations is a bonus. You may choose between purple, pink, yellow, and blue. Otherwise, you can have all of them in one pack, so don't worry if you can't pick one.

If you're a nail technician, these individual toe separators will easily make it into your mani-pedi kit. Nail professionals who purchase the Americanails Onezees think it's brilliant in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Regularly working on countless nails can be tiring, so putting in a little color can bring a lively mood.

Factor #3: Made with Enhanced Comfort

Americanails knows how sensitive the toes can be to orthopedic devices; thus, they ensured that the Onezees incorporate superior comfort properties. 

The toe separators are made of a unique foam material that easily beats the rigid construction of a full-length pedicure nail separator. Foam is popular for its soft and highly absorbent properties. It provides the healing comfort you need; hence, it's often used in medical products, particularly orthopedic devices. 

Some of the most common types of medical foam are memory foam and reticulated foam.

Factor #4: A Sustainable Go-To

Nothing is better than pretty nail spacers with economic and environment-friendly properties. It's like hitting many benefits with one toe separator. 

While foam can feel comfortable, it's not exactly an eco-friendly material. Americanails knows that, so they only used up to 50% foam, which is less than most traditional devices. Moreover, they minimized the cost by giving you enough in one pack—144 pieces of individual spacers good for 36 pedicure sessions.

Now, you don't have to worry about damaging the environment when using these separators. 

Factor #5: Crafted by a Nail Professional

Last but not least, you can put your trust in the Onezees Toe Spacers because industry experts and nail professionals made them with busy nail technicians in mind!

But what if you're not a pro nail artist? That's completely fine. In fact, these devices lean to your advantage because they have professional-level properties. Consequently, their benefits will surely satisfy your pedicure needs.

Bonus Factor: Technical Specifications

We know you're also looking for the nitty-gritty technical details of the Americanails Onezees Toe Separators for Nail Polish. Take a look at the list of specs below.

  • Package Dimensions: 12.24 × 5.12 × 1.57 in
  • Product Weight: 0.04 lb (0.63 oz)
  • Quantity per Package: Available in 144 and 24 pieces
  • Colors: Pink, yellow, blue, and purple
  • Material: Foam

Clearing Up Your Toe Separator Confusion

We hope this review has helped clear some of your questions about pedicure toe spacers. However, we have more in-depth discussions below that might help you master every nook and cranny of confusing toe terms.

You've probably seen these words alternatively used in various sources before: toe separators, pedicure toe spacers, bunion splints, bunion pads, toe correctors, and toe straighteners. They might leave you wondering if they're all the same thing or not, so let's have a discussion to settle these terms for good.

toe separators nail polish - two women polishing their toes

What Exactly Are Toe Separators?

Toe separators function as their name indicates: they set your toes apart. They come in full-length sets or individual pieces like the Americanails Onezees. Usually, toe separators are made of silicone gel or foam.

Their main purpose is to serve as accessories for nail treatments, but some products claim to have toe pain relief properties. However, if we’re talking about pedicure toe spacers, then they don't serve a medical purpose.

Are They Different from Toe Spacers, Toe Straighteners, Bunion Splints, and Bunion Pads?

Toe separators are similar to toe spacers. Toe straighteners may come close, but there is still a significant difference. These devices differ in (1) structure, (2) purpose, and (3) fitting capability.


  • Some toe straighteners look like toe separators, but the former looks more like medical devices than foot accessories or nail treatment tools.
  • Bunion splints look like open braces and sometimes open sleeves or socks.
  • Bunion pads come in padded open sleeves or socks and sometimes self-stick cushions.


  • Toe spacers mainly serve as nail accessories to help you prevent the mess of pedicure.
  • Toe straighteners can also serve as pedicure separators. Still, they have a sturdier construction that helps realign the joint of your deformed toes.
  • Bunion splints and pads mainly function for comfort and relief caused by toe issues.

Note that these devices don’t treat your toe problems directly. Instead, it is best to consider them as pain relief tools. In the end, surgery is the right solution if you want to get rid of that bunion.

Where Can I Buy Them?

These orthopedic accessories aren't difficult to find. You can go to your local health store or any e-commerce shops that sell medical toe devices. Plenty of products are also available on Amazon. The website of a trusted brand for orthopedic products is also a reliable option.

toe nail separator - pointed feet closeup image

Foot Exercises You Can Do

Let's talk about health in the last part of our discussion. After all, it would be nice to pamper healthy toes. Have a look at some beneficial foot and toe exercises.

Toe Stretches

You can stretch your toes in different ways: toe curls, toe splay, toe raise, toe extension, big toe stretch, marble pickup, and toe point. You can get the idea from their names alone, but here are some general pointers to help you prepare.

  • Sit straight on a chair and keep your feet flat on the ground.
  • When leaving the toe or foot in certain positions (e.g., raised or curled), keep it for at least five seconds before proceeding to the next exercise.
  • Repeat each type of stretching exercise at least ten times.

Ball Roll

Usually done with a tennis ball, this exercise relieves arch pain. While sitting straight on a chair, place the tennis ball under the ball of your foot and start rolling it around to massage the entire bottom of your foot. Do it at least two minutes for each foot.

Achilles Stretching

This type of stretching looks like a running stance. You stand against a wall, place one foot back and start bending your hips and knees back and forth. This will help improve your Achilles tendon for ankle strength and injury prevention.

Heel Raises

You can do heel raises or lifts in both sitting and standing positions. 

When seated, you have to raise your legs repeatedly at a 90-degree angle. While doing so, your feet should mimic a tiptoe stance. Meanwhile, standing on a flat surface requires that you only raise your feet repeatedly for about ten centimeters. Make sure to lightly rest your hands on a wall or a chair for balance support.

Final Thoughts

Toe separators may not be the perfect solution to your bunion or hammertoe. Nevertheless, they can help with your pedicure sessions by producing neat results. If you use them as intended, they’ll be super effective and worth purchasing. 

The Americanails Onezees Toe Spacers are a good example of helpful pedicure accessories. They’re affordable, soft, and come in colorful individual separators. They also give you the freedom to choose how many toes will need to wear a separator. Moreover, you get enough pieces in one pack, good for more than 20 pedicure sessions. What more can you ask for?

We still recommend filling the gaps that these separators couldn’t. Toe health, in particular, isn’t part of their purpose. In that case, do your regular feet and toe stretches to keep them healthy and pain-free. Most importantly, do your best one toe at a time.

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