Sleeping With Toe Separators: A YogaToes Review
4 min read
July 2, 2021

Sleeping With Toe Separators: A YogaToes Review

4 min read
July 2, 2021

A wave of broken toes is happening, and you could be one of the unfortunate people experiencing this right now.

Orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists reported a wave of people breaking their toes more often than usual since the pandemic started, calling it a "pandemic of broken toes." What causes this event is people spending too much time at home—this decreases physical activity and causes frequent bumps into furniture. As a result, these incidents lead to foot pain and related injuries like broken toes.

Generally, foot pain is so common that some people think it's not a big deal. But no matter how frequent, foot pain is certainly not normal. It's not a condition you can overlook because healthy feet walk you through your daily routine.

So here's an effective treatment for your painful toes: toe separators. This article discusses the purpose and benefits, and if sleeping with toe separators is advisable. Additionally, we'll provide a review on one of the most recommended toe separators in the market: YogaToes.

Can You Wear Toe Separators Overnight?

We know you want to maximize and speed up the effects of the product, so you are probably thinking about wearing toe separators at night. But is it safe and effective to wear toe separators to bed? The answer depends on the user's condition. There are a few factors to consider in finding out whether wearing toe spacers at night is suitable for you or not:

  • Relaxing massage or workout equipment? Some people consider toe separators as workout tools to use while being active, while others find toe spacers more of a massage tool you can put on after a long day.
  • Lack of awareness can hinder its benefits. If you're someone who switches various sleeping positions a lot, it might not be a good idea to wear toe separators at night. It can hinder the product from functioning properly. In addition, the weight of pillows or blankets can also impede the function of toe separators.

Bottom line, sleeping with toe spacers depends on the individual's preference. It is best if you can also consult your health expert to use the toe spreaders properly and leverage the benefits it can offer.

2021 Review: YogaToes Toe Separators

Now that you clearly understand when to wear toe separators, let's look into one of the most prominent brands: YogaToes. YogaToes produces three types of separators, namely: YogaToes® GEMS®, YogaToes® Women, and YogaToes® Men.

YogaToes Product Important Specs Shoe Sizes (US-based) Foot Problems Treated
YogaToes® Women / Original YogaToes Patented Easy Fit, 100% Premium Medical Gel, Latex, Phthalate, and Bisphenol A (BPA) Free

● 7.5–11 (S)
● 5–7 (XS)

● 6.5–10.5 (S)

Bunions, chronic foot pain, bunionettes, hammer toes, Plantar Fasciitis, and overlapping toes
YogaToes® Men Patented Easy Fit, 100% Premium Medical Gel, Latex, Phthalate, and BPA-Free, includes an organic purifying spray and YogaToes bag ● 10.5 and below (S)
● 11 and above (L)
Bunions, ganner toes, foot arch pain, hammer toes, flat feet, overlapping toes, and pain in the toe joint
YogaToes® GEMS® Patented Easy Fit, 100% Premium Medical Gel, and BPA Free Women
● 6–11
● 7–10
Hammer toes, Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, bunionettes, claw toes, and crossed toes.

Product Features

A brand's popularity leads to more customers, but a wise buyer inspects every vital aspect before purchasing. We’ve enumerated essential information about YogaToes toe separators below.


YogaToes products cater to both men and women. This is important because the foot anatomy between genders is significantly different. Original YogaToes and YogaToes GEMS cater to all genders, while YogaToes Men are made exclusively for men. Each product has a specific range of extra small, small, and large sizes to provide the perfect fit.

Pure and Toxin-Free

One of the features that sets YogaToes apart from its competitors is product safety. YogaToes are 100% latex-free, hypoallergenic, and made from premium medical-grade gel. They’re also free from BPA, which previously raised concerns due to its potential toxic effects on a child's brain and prostate gland. YogaToes ensures that users don't have to worry about product safety as they make their products 100% safe and pure.

Easy Fit & Flexible

YogaToes incorporate patented easy-fit features (one for the big toe and one for the pinky toe), so you can slip on the toe separators with ease. They are also flexible; the open-top structure and hypoallergenic gel allow the separators to adjust to the stretching and realigning level that your toes need. As a result, it relieves pain, relaxes your muscles, and increases circulation at the same time.

Visually Pleasing

The visuals of YogaToes are undoubtedly eye-catching! The separators resemble ocean blue diamonds, giving your feet an elegant look. Aside from its health benefits, it can make you feel a little glamorous when wearing a tool with such a lovely design. Since you have to wear it barefoot, YogaToes ensures the design is worth paying for.

Approved by Podiatrists

While customer popularity is a strong proof of a product's quality, it is much better when science acknowledges it. Podiatrists think of YogaToes separators as an effective tool regardless of the presence of foot pain. While these items don't realign the incorrect bone structures of your feet, Yogatoes can help you get a good stretch and improve tissue elasticity.

A Few Reminders

Now that you've learned the best features of YogaToes separators, it's time to discuss the necessary points to watch out for before or while using them.

  • While using YogaToes, practice regular foot exercises as they are still essential to get a good stretch.
  • Start slowly and carefully to avoid injuries. You may try wearing YogaToes for 5–10 minutes, and when you start to feel more comfortable, extend the usage up to half an hour.
  • The medical gel might feel too cold at first use.
  • Some reviews state that the available sizes don't fit well.
  • Some customers aren't satisfied with the effectiveness and the pricing.

Regardless of the negative reviews, we’d still recommend YogaToes because they’re scientifically proven safe and effective. Additionally, you can avoid some of these negative scenarios with proper knowledge of the tool before usage. Through this article, you can set the right expectations about the product and use it to your advantage.


The best thing about toe separators is they offer benefits regardless if you suffer from foot conditions or not. YogaToes serves as a regular feet-stretching tool you can use after a long, hard day of shoe constrictions. We hope this review offers sufficient knowledge about YogaToes and helps you make a wise buying decision to be able to walk pain-free.

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