Top 4 Foot and Ankle Brace for High-Impact Sports Injury Care

March 11, 2022
foot and ankle brace

High-impact sports demand a lot from our feet and ankles. We jump, run, and pivot whenever we train or play. So if you are engaged in a highly competitive sport, you're likely to have more intense movements. And the body part that's most affected by this overextension of athletic efforts is your ankle.

Playing sports can lead to injury, but you can avoid it from happening. By adding ankle braces to your sports items, you're on your way to taking care of your feet.

foot and ankle brace - An all black stirrup and lace-up ankle brace

Zenith Foot and Ankle Support Brace

Z Athletics has done a great job designing foot and ankle braces for drop foot. It's an ideal brace for athletes. Zenith is a product that can give you ankle stability while you're engaged in your sports activities. You can wear it while at home resting and accompany you on training and game day.

Quick Features:

Double-stitching - The seams are stitched twice to avoid any premature tears.

Made of nylon and neoprene - These materials have excellent strength and are comfortable to wear.

Combination of strap and lace-up - This semi-rigid style keeps your ankle and foot firmly in place but still allows for movement.

Designed for foot sports injuries - Zenith is designed to help heal and even prevent sports injuries so you can always be at the top of your game.


  • It is versatile and can be used while doing sports activities, such as running, basketball, volleyball, and other high-impact sports.
  • Adjustable fit. The lace makes it easy to tighten and loosen the braces allowing you to choose the right amount of pressure and restrain that your foot and ankle can handle.


  • The Velcro can lose its adhesive over time and fade after multiple uses.
foot and ankle brace - An all black stirrup and lace-up ankle brace

Med Spec ASO Foot and Ankle Support

Another stirrup and lace-up combo product to look for are Med Spec ASO. This hybrid product has a slight bump up the price range, but it's worth the purchase. There are added features that aren't present in other low-priced ones, and we'll let them speak for themselves.

Quick Features:

Bilateral design - You can use a single Med Spec foot support on either foot for convenience. 

Invisible stitches - Stitches are tightly in place and have the same color as the fabric and the seams. This improves aesthetics and durability.

Made of nylon - This material is proven to have the strength that makes the ankle support resistant against wearing out.

Coolflex padding - The tongue resting on the front of your ankle and foot has comfortable padding that makes the ankle brace breathable.

Elastic cuffs - The strap around your ankle is made of elastic garter and Velcro. This gives you more control over how tight you want your braces.


  • Cool and comfy. The Coolflex technology feels amazing on your ankles. The padding reduces the tension and sweating without compromising the stabilizing effect of the brace.
  • Flexible stabilizing cuffs. The flexibility of the cuff straps that go around your ankle is an awesome stabilizing touch to an already capable lace-up and stirrup combo.


  • Bulky. This ankle brace can feel bulky when worn with shoes. It may not even fit. The cushioned tongue feature makes it that way.
foot and ankle brace - An all black ankle brace made of plastic

Ultra Zoom Ankle Foot Brace

The Ultra Zoom brace is also ultra-durable. This ankle brace borders on the rigid with its plastic cast. It's a great tool to prevent any ankle injuries and sprains.

The interesting characteristic of this brace is it prevents over or underpronation. Yet, it still allows you to move your foot upwards and downwards. Its simple yet functional design comprises only the hard cast and the straps.

Quick Features:

Softshell tech - The Ultra Zoom foot brace has a unique thermoplastic material that serves as the molded cast. It fits your ankle and foot and prevents overextension on the sides.

Easy strap-on - Putting this on is straightforward. No laces or stirrups are needed, just put the strap inside a slot on the opposite side of the brace and pull it up and over.

Ankle hinges - The hinges will allow you room for walking and running movements. You can use this brace along with a shoe while doing athletic activities.


  • Uncomplicated design. The brace is composed only of a cast and straps. The design elements of Ultra Zoom are minimal. One look and you'll immediately know how to use it.


  • It can be uncomfortable. The plastic lacks the flexibility needed for more complicated movements, so you'll likely feel discomfort if you push it by doing high-intensity movements.
foot and ankle brace - An black and gray stirrup ankle brace

Ace Foot and Ankle Brace

The Ace foot brace is a product that can prevent and relieve ankle sprains. It is one of the semi-rigid products that provide adequate pressure—just right for those who are active yet not intense.

The durable materials of this product and its design make it suitable for recreational use with a bit of high-impact activities, allowing athletes to wear it with or without sprain or injury.

Quick Features:

Reinforced sides - The sides of this ankle brace are made rigid to ensure it prevents your foot from going side-to-side too much. Thus, preventing it from pronation and ankle sprains.

Gel inserts - Underneath the fabric material are gels that will comfort your ankle bones while keeping them stabilized.

Universal Size - The ankle brace comes as a one-size-fits-all product as it is adjustable to fit any foot.

Reversible - You can use the Ace ankle brace on either your left or right foot, so you don't have to think about which one goes to which foot.


  • Strong support for sprains. The braces provide great stabilizing support that prevents sprains. It can also serve as your main tool for rehabilitating sprains.
  • They fit nicely. You will be at ease while wearing them without feeling like your feet are in a cast.


  • No lace-up function. The absence of the lace-up function reduces the brace's rigidity and affects its supporting and stabilizing function.

Top Pick for Foot and Ankle Brace: Zenith

The Zenith ankle brace makes our cut as the best ankle brace for high-impact sports. It considers the needs of athletes engaged in sports such as basketball, volleyball, and running, to name a few. The design down to the features, such as the stirrup and lace-up and the double stitching, encompass what an athlete needs. Add in the reasonable price, and it bagged the deal.

Want to check out other products? Discover more about other brands when you visit our website. You can also scan through more articles and reviews similar to this one. Feel free to explore and let us help you make the best purchase.

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