Wearing Men’s White Socks Is Cool. This Doctor's Choice Review Proves It

June 23, 2022
men's white socks - A guy wearing white high cut socks kicks a football

People will say white socks are uncool, but really, who made them fashion experts? White socks can be cool if you wear them on the right occasion. 

Sneakerheads and athletes will agree. For example, wearing whites on a pair of high-cut sneakers at a ball game looks incredible. Similarly, if you pair white socks with the right running shoes and shorts, you'll make heads turn with your A-game energy.

Another thing that makes white socks even cooler is the features. They are staples when it comes to performance-amping gear and loaded with features that will help an athlete do better. Take Doctor's Choice, for example. Read more to know why it's a pair of socks you'll want to wear on your feet daily.

Features of Doctor's Choice Men's White Compression Socks 

One of the coolest pairs of white socks for men is Doctor's Choice. It holds a desirable spot as one of the bestsellers for a reason. It's got a high-quality design and materials that deliver results and boost performance.  

Graduated Compression

Doctor's Choice is a medium-compression pair of socks holding 10 - 20 mmHg of pressure. This optimum compression range brings the right tightness while still keeping it comfortable.

Wearing Doctor's Choice compression socks will also feel differently on certain parts of your foot and calf muscles. That's because it's graduated. The sock's ankle portion has the highest compression and tapers as the fabric reaches the calf area. This improves circulation and makes it easier for the blood to reach the heart.

Targeted Paddings

Heels, ankles, and soles are the athlete's pain points. Doctor's Choice noted this and designed their compression socks to have targeted paddings that sit on the feet and calves' pressure points. This reduces the shock from every footstrike and reduces the pain felt by the athlete, whether they're standing, running, or walking.

Antimicrobial Fiber Materials

Foot odor is a common concern for both athletes and non-athletes alike, particularly when choosing an athletic sock. Therefore, it has to have an odor-preventing feature no matter the intensity or duration of its use.

Bacteria is what causes odor. So Doctor's Choice sourced antimicrobial materials for its men's socks to prevent bacterial overgrowth. Elements such as copper, silver, and zinc form each fiber strand of the Doctor's Choice sock, making it effective in battling germs while you’re wearing them.

The Benefits of Wearing Doctor's Choice White Socks

men's white socks - Doctor’s Choice socks

A compression sock with all those features mentioned above surely brings many worthy benefits. That's why anyone who gets the Doctor's Choice compression socks will enjoy the following.

Improved Circulation

Our feet and calf muscles have poor blood circulation due to their distance to the pumping source—the heart. So when an athlete is in recovery and their blood circulation isn't at the optimum level, feet and calf may suffer clots. This is because the veins tend to store up blood caused by a weak flow.

Doctor's Choice compression socks prevent this by applying enough pressure to your feet and calves. Think of it as a tube squeezed from the bottom to release the paste inside. As a result, it makes it easier for your feet and calves to return the blood to its source, thereby improving circulation and preventing deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Prevent Swelling

Athletes who have suffered injuries also have to bear with swelling. The first treatment for this is usually a hot compress during the first hour to prevent swelling. But by that time, it may already be in full swing.

Swelling is prevented when blood flow is encouraged. So an athlete wearing a compression sock like Doctor's Choice also wears a ready first aid. The socks let the blood rush to the affected area smoothly, preventing swelling when an injury happens.

Quicker Recovery

Wearing compression socks post-injury also helps with recovery. The more blood flows to the calves and feet, the faster it heals the injured part. This encourages quicker recovery.

People Who Use Doctor's Choice Compression Socks Say These Things

Athletes and non-athletes have plenty of good things to say about this compression socks bestseller, Doctor's Choice. Here are some of them. 

Critical cushion points. A lot of people who are using Doctor's Choice find that the targeted cushioning is spot on. It keeps their feet well-protected from pain-causing impacts as they do their everyday activities.

Weather flexibility. Doctor's Choice's fabric has just the right thickness to be breathable during a hot day. Yet it also gives proper warmth during cold weather days. In addition, the color white reduces heat absorption from sunlight, making it great for any weather.

It has a proper fit. Given the right size choice, the graduated compression of Doctor's Choice socks will feel as tight as a surgical glove but as soft and comfy as wearing a feather.

men's white socks - A guys wearing white high cut socks with their feet on a football

You Should Set Aside Doctor's Choice Socks if You're Wearing This 

Compression pants. Simply put, white compression pants and white socks don't mix well. Of course, we understand that the more lower-body compression you get, the harder you can work yourself. But to look cool in white socks, we recommend you either set aside your pants or wear something else.

Doctor's Choice Mens White Socks: The Epitome of Athletic Cool

For most people, wearing white socks on a daily basis is a no-no and is seen as uncool. It's a style blunder. So most people will do away with it and instead wear printed socks or no-show socks as a default.

But you're not most people. You're athletic, and you make athleisure look good. And if you see the preventive and recovery power of Doctor's Choice compression socks the same as we do, you'll never say it's uncool to wear men’s white socks every day again.More cool socks reviews are ready for your eyes to feast upon. Just read our blogs, and you'll find lots of helpful information about socks and other products related to foot care for athletes. Explore more of the website now.

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