What Do Neuropathy Socks Do?

July 21, 2022
neuropathy socks on elderly patient

Our brain sends messages to different parts of the body through the nerves. When a nerve is damaged, it hinders the brain from carrying messages, which can affect our different bodily functions. This damage is more commonly known as neuropathy. 

Neuropathy usually affects the arms, legs, and feet. It comes with a painful feeling that people describe as pins and needles poking the skin. In this blog post, we'll learn the different types of neuropathy, symptoms, and treatments to help people go on with their normal day without pain. 

Different Types of Neuropathy 

There are several types of neuropathy, and each of these conditions is progressive. So it's important to get an early diagnosis before the condition worsens. Most people who suffer from neuropathy in the feet have diabetes. Your never-ending thoughts are hurt by peripheral neuropathy.

Since the motor nerves and sensory nerves are damaged, it can affect your feet's mobility and ability to feel. Individuals with this illness frequently have numbness in their feet and toes. There are also other types of neuropathy that directly affect the feet area. 

The most typical forms of neuropathy and accompanying signs are listed below. 

  • Morton's neuroma. This type of neuropathy affects the ball of the foot. It does not affect your mobility, but the pain is often felt on your last three toes, especially when walking or standing. 
  • Diabetic sensory neuropathy. This condition targets multiple nerves in the body but mostly occurs in the lower extremities and the feet area. This neuropathy is common in people who poorly manage their diabetes. It causes burning and intense pain on both feet. 
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome. Another type of neuropathy that targets the ankle area. You usually feel pain underfoot and inside the ankle that gets worse when you walk. Pain may occasionally spread to the lower legs. 

Symptoms of Neuropathy in Feet 

People who experience neuropathy in their feet can experience different symptoms depending on which nerve is damaged. Individuals with sensory nerve damage may experience: 

  • Sensitive skin
  • Pain 
  • Symptoms worsening at night 
  • Burning sensation
  • Numbing
  • The tingling sensation that may go up to the leg

For individuals with motor nerve damage, symptoms may include: 

  • Paralysis 
  • Loss of sensation in the affected area
  • Abnormal dropping of blood pressure
  • Muscle weakness 
  • Dizziness when standing 

Causes and Diagnosis of Neuropathy

Feet neuropathy is a common condition. According to medical research, in the United States alone, almost 20 million people suffer from peripheral neuropathy. This condition can strike at any age but is more common in adults. 

Doctors believe that blood glucose levels cause damage to nerves. These changes can affect your metabolism, which ultimately affects your nerve cells. That's why almost 30% of known neuropathy is caused by poor management of diabetes. 

However, a percentage of neuropathy is attributed to other causes, which include: 

  • Genetics 
  • Trauma 
  • Medication 
  • Radiation exposure 
  • Kidney failure
  • Vitamin deficiency 
  • Cancer and chemotherapy 
  • Alcohol 

If you believe you have neuropathy, get medical attention immediately. Make a follow-up on a podiatrist and neurologist to prevent further damage. Avoid self-checkups so you can treat the issue before it worsens. 

Preventing Neuropathy 

There is a small chance that you'll have neuropathy via genetics. But there are preventive ways you can do so you won't have to suffer through them. Here are some tips you could practice to reduce the risk of developing several types of neuropathy. 

Go With Healthy Food Choices 

It's common knowledge that diabetes is the primary cause of neuropathy, so eating healthy food is the best preventive measure you can do. Vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and low-fat dairy items make up a nutritious diet. 

Additionally, food high in fiber helps in maintaining regular blood sugar levels. Moreover, complement your healthy eating habits by taking multivitamins. B vitamins, niacin, and vitamin E are best for nerve health. 

Do Regular Exercise 

Regular exercise is beneficial for your overall health, including your nerve health. A significant improvement can be shown with just thirty minutes each day for an hour, at least three times per week. 

Remember to get medical and professional advice before starting a fitness regimen. Keep in mind not to overexert yourself in order to avoid suffering additional injuries.

Manage Alcohol Intake and Smoking 

Vices are the cause of many diseases, including neuropathy. Nicotine in smoking can reduce blood flow, which can harm and malfunction your nerves. Meanwhile, alcohol prevents the body from absorbing proper nutrients, ultimately leading to nutrient deficiency. 

Understandably, some people may have a hard time quitting smoking and alcohol, but one should be responsible enough to manage and control their intake. 

Treatments for Neuropathy 

If your neuropathy has developed and was diagnosed late, no need to worry. There are treatments for peripheral neuropathy, so you don't have to suffer pain every time you stand or walk. 

Here are some treatments, best with a recommendation from your doctor to help improve your diabetic neuropathy


Over-the-counter medications can counter the common pains that come with diabetic neuropathy. Anti-inflammatory drugs are enough for mild neuropathy symptoms. If the pain worsens, your doctors may prescribe stronger painkillers. 

For burning sensations, you can apply topical creams to the irritated area. But over time, creams lose their effectiveness. Lidocaine patches can also relieve symptoms but expect side effects like dizziness and numbing sensation in the skin under the patch. 


Getting therapy is another way of fixing your neuropathy. There are several therapies you can try with the recommendation of your doctor. 

  • Plasma exchange therapy. The plasma exchange therapy involves removing your blood and other antibodies that suppress any immune system activity to stop pains and inflammation. After that, your blood and antibodies return when your condition improves. 
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. In this therapy, doctors run gentle electric currents to your skin at different frequencies to stimulate the damaged nerves. This process is usually done for 30 minutes a day for an entire month to aid your recovery. 
  • Physical therapy. Physical therapy is best if your neuropathy affects your muscle. Physical therapy is best for neuropathy that affects the motor nerves. You may also want to use tools like braces, canes, wheelchairs, and other tools that can support you to walk and stand. 
  • Surgery. Getting surgery is the last resort for treating neuropathy. In this case, a tumor is pressing on to nerves that cause the pain. Medication isn't enough to battle this, and removing them through surgery is your best bet for pain relief. 

Benefits of Neuropathy Pain Relief Socks 

Taking care of your feet is essential when battling diabetic neuropathy. Almost 50% of diabetic patients are affected by peripheral neuropathy. But before thinking about getting expensive therapies and surgery, why not try neuropathy socks first? They can give great comfort without costing you so much. 

But are they effective? Here are some benefits that come with wearing neuropathy socks. 

Extra Protection for Your Feet

When you have neuropathy, you'll likely feel numbness in your feet. As a result, you are prone to hurting your feet and legs without realizing it. The thick fabric of neuropathy socks provides an extra layer of protection for your feet. Other brands use silicone and gel pads to help you alleviate pain from other foot conditions. 

Better Blood Circulation 

Neuropathy compression socks can help improve your blood circulation. Improved blood circulation can help your feet regain feeling and keep your muscles warm. These socks will help you with mobility. Moreover, neuropathy socks come in different lengths. There are knee-high socks if you need extra protection and compression for your legs and ankles. 

Prevent Fungal Infections 

Infections cause some form of neuropathy. Most doctors recommend adding another layer of protection and cover for the infected area. There are neuropathy socks with fabrics infused with copper or silver that help with fungal infections. Furthermore, charcoal and bamboo-infused socks have antimicrobial properties to keep your feet fresh and clean to help you treat your infections faster. 

The Best Neuropathy Socks Pain Relief for Feet 

According to studies, almost 95% of patients who use neuropathy socks feel reduced pain after a week of continuous use. But, of course, it is always best to ask your doctor if diabetic neuropathy socks are right for your condition. 

With that, here are some of the best and trusted neuropathy socks you can find in the marketplace. 

  1. NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks – $24.99
  2. Doctor's Choice Diabetic Ankle Socks - $15.99 
  3. Dr. Scholl's Women's Diabetes and Circulation Neuropathy Socks - $9.74 
  4. NanoSocks Compression for Men and Women - $29.95 
  5. Brazil Diabetic Cotton Socks - $18.99 

Final Thoughts 

Neuropathy is a condition targeting the peripheral nerves that can decrease mobility and increase sensitivity in the affected area. Neuropathy can target different body parts, but when it stems from diabetes, the feet are the primary affected area. 

To this day, doctors have no concrete explanation for the correlation between diabetes and neuropathy in the feet. Fortunately, neuropathy may be identified and effectively treated wherever it manifests. With this blog post, we wish to raise your awareness about neuropathy.If you like detailed reviews on pain relief and foot care needs like neuropathy socks, pain relief for feet for women, injury recovery ankle braces, and other gears for foot conditions, don't forget to subscribe to our blogs.

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