Say No to Heel Pain With OrthoFeet Women’s Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

June 15, 2022
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Plantar Fasciitis is the most common form of heel pain, which occurs due to the inflammation of tissue connecting the heel bones to the toes called the plantar fascia. This condition is common in individuals who run and are overweight. Moreso, females who always wear high-heeled shoes and stand for long periods are more prone to developing these foot conditions. 

Foot pains can be a symptom of a wide range of food conditions. But if your feet are aching first thing in the morning and you can bear the pain from standing too long or taking a step feels worse as you go on, it may be a case of plantar fasciitis. But there's no need to panic in situations like this. Proper therapy, rest, and the correct footwear can fight against your heel pain. 

In this blog post, we have found the perfect shoes for your aching heels. Let's closely inspect Orthofeet’s lace-up walking shoes for women.

plantar fasciitis shoes women - orthofeet lace up walking shoes

Happy Feet With Orthofeet’s Lace-Up Walking Shoe for Women 

Orthofeet was first established in 1984 by brothers Ron and Michael Bar. During this time, the two saw how poor and inaccurate aftercare is for people with disabilities. Hence Orthofeet was born. 

At first, their goal was to make orthotics for people with problems in mobility because of their disability, but with their skills combined, they began expanding their creations to footwear and insoles that would allow the wearer to move better and feel enhanced comfort. As a result, Orthofeet produced a long line of footwear that supports the most common foot conditions. But this time, we'll look at the features of the casual lace-up shoes for women, and these plantar fasciitis relief shoes are a must-have. 

Size Range

Whether your feet are too small or too big, it’s always difficult to find the right size that fits. The line of Orthofeet women's shoes has a wide range of sizes. Their footwear is available in sizes 6 to 11. Moreover, the footwear is crafted with quality and comfort in mind. The shoe upper is made from PU-leather material that's wrinkle-resistant to keep it looking new. 

The inner lining is cushion mesh fabric for increased comfort and breathability. The laces are highly adjustable for easy on and off. These shoes can accommodate people with wide feet without overcrowding the toes

Premium Quality Insole 

You'll definitely feel comfortable at first wear with this casual lace-up walking shoe. The shoes are lined with a high-grade TPU with dampening gel pads and orthotic insoles. The insoles feature a deep heel cup to offer excellent support for the arch and heels. In addition, the shoe insoles have a metatarsal ad support design that helps distribute the pressure throughout your feel to relieve your foot pain. 

Anti-slip Outsoles 

These plantar fasciitis pain relief shoes are made from high-quality materials inside and out. The outsoles are made from lightweight EVA material to ensure their durability and also help you keep stable as you walk. The outsoles are also very flexible, so you are not limited in your range of motions. In addition, its outer surface has a Z-pattern, which makes this anti-slip to make your shoes extra safe in wet conditions. 

Moreover, these casual shoes have a platform style of 1.5-inch thick heels which can go with any outfit you want. If you want to add a little more height, these shoes are best. The thick heels also help dampen impact, especially when you take missteps to prevent injuries. 

Comfort shoes for the common foot pains 

The Orthofeet’s footwear targets multiple foot conditions in a single pair. No additional inserts or equipment need to feel comfortable. Orthofeet’s advanced biomechanics is available for all their footwear. Each footwear has a contoured insole with anatomical arch support, ergonomic mid-rocker sole designs, and excellent cushioning. 

The footwear is also very good for people with highly sensitive feet. It helps relieve pain in the foot and heels and reduces pressure on the bottom of the foot for people with fallen arches. It also reduces discomfort from corns, calluses, bunions, and hammer toes. With all this support in one footwear, you feel enhanced comfort with every step from your toes to your lower back.   

Product Lowlight of the Orthofeet Lace-Up Casual Shoes 

Before investing in footwear, you could be wearing it for years, so make sure it's worth every penny. Orthofeet’s line of supportive shoes is impeccable when it comes to support and pain relief. But there are other features that you may find lacking in these casual shoes. 

Shoes are not waterproof

The canvas uppers of the shoes are not waterproof, so we don't recommend these shoes on rainy or snowy days because they will get soaked thoroughly. Although the shoes have an anti-bacteria layer to help with unpleasant odors, it's still prone to develop unpleasant smells if you don't dry your shoes properly after getting soaked. 

Inaccurate sizing 

Although Orthofeet provides a wide range of sizing so that everyone can find a shoe that fits comfortably, some reports show their sizing is inaccurate or different from the standard sizing. For example, your standard size will feel bigger for slippers, so we suggest sizing down to the best fit. While for sneakers or sandals, your standard size will feel smaller, we suggest sizing up to the perfect fit for this one.

woman choosing shoes 

Why Choose Orthofeet? 

There are endless orthopedic shoe options available in the marketplace, and we can attest that not all of them can give you the comfort you are looking for. But among the shoes for plantar fasciitis relief, why choose and trust Orthofeet? 

  • Orthofeet has employed several biomedical engineers to continue developing their technology to give people with different foot conditions footwear that can cater to their needs. 
  • You can find specific footwear for your foot condition. Orthofeet is not limited to spurs, flat feet, and bunions. In addition, there are specific footwear options for knee pain, diabetes, gout, metatarsalgia, Morton's neuroma, and many more. 
  • Orthofeet caters to both genders with a wide range of sizes. Men's shoe sizes are available from 7 to 14. Furthermore, you can choose the width from normal, wide to extra wide to superior fit and comfort. 
  • Orthofeet has big discounts that go up to 25%. No codes or vouchers are needed. Everyone can avail themselves of their comfort footwear. Furthermore, they offer a 60-day wear test. If you think the shoes don't work for you, you can get an exchange or a full refund. 


Are the Orthofeet lace-up casual shoes worth it? A big yes! It is rare to find footwear crafted by experts who understand the foot structure and foot conditions. Every individual suffering from deformations and conditions can have the chance to feel comfortable with Orthofeet. 

If you like other styles of footwear—sandals, flip flops, slip-ons, you can browse through Orthofeet’s catalog for stylish and comfortable shoes. If you're looking for more in-depth reviews for other brands of plantar fasciitis shoes for women, don’t forget to subscribe to our blogs. 

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